PihlasResort’s pampering mornings

Energy for April from PihlasResort’s pampering mornings

Need a boost for April? Join a morning of pampering that combines exercise, relaxation and a delicious breakfast. The pampering mornings will take place on two consecutive Saturdays: April 13 and April 20. Activities included:

Yoga at Elo from 7-8am: Start your day with a balanced practice with yoga teacher Annu Huttunen from FlowHuttula.

Morning sauna at Koto at 8-9am: Relax in a traditional Finnish sauna and let the heat refresh your body and mind.

Breakfast at Siimes at 9-10:30am: Enjoy a delicious breakfast in beautiful surroundings and get ready for a day full of energy!

Price for outsiders 89€ and for guests 38€: The pampering morning is open to everyone, but guests receive a special discount.

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We welcome you to enjoy an energizing morning with us!